New Castle, IN


Welcome to the homepage of the Full Clip Chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Chances are you have been directed to this page from our international website or you have met a patched member of the IO. Full Clip is one of many chapters of the Iron Order  Nation that stretches from border to border, coast to coast, and around the globe. We, just like you, have families and jobs but we all share a commonality that bonds us as brothers. The love of motorcycling and the biker lifestyle.

Our chapter is made up of people from different walks of life. A lot of our Brothers wear suits and ties to work. Some wear medical scrubs. Some carry a badge. Some ride on ambulances. Some wear mechanics shirts. Some wear BDU's. Regardless of what we do to earn a living we all are brothers who have sworn an oath to support and keep our brothers council. This bond may be hard for outsiders to understand. We invite you to spend a little time with us riding, partying, and working in the community and see if you relate to our values. If you find that you do, you may have what is takes to wear the Iron Order Cut.










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